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We are an international artist collective          -          specialized in music production, audio engineering, music rights, music management, marketing, publishing & distribution, and event management.


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Silhouettes of the Crowds

Our Story


10 Star Music is an international entertainment company,

that has business operations in several markets across the globe.

Since 2017,

our headquarter has been located in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Ever since,

10 Star Music has branched out into several divisions all over the United States, Europe and Asia.

What We Envision

We believe in unlocking the creative within each and every one of us, and offer a wide range of services. 

Our successful organization is specialized in genre-specific music production, vocal production, mixing, mastering, songwriting and music composition for media, film, TV and games. Furthermore, we are highly skilled in music law affairs, music licensing, music business management, music marketing,

publishing services, distribution handling and tour-, ticket- & event management.

10 Star Music provides you with the highest level of services and reliability. Our talented staff works extremely hard to help transform the creative visions of our clients.

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