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Trap 808 Kick

Trap is a very unique, electronic influenced hip hop genre defined by its specific use of heavy sub basses, syncopating percussions and bleak synths. However, since 2011, the genre has influenced all walks of electronic music, spawning massive international hits.

MyxoxoBb broke down the definitive production and arrangement techniques required to create an authentic Trap 808 Kick.


Trap producers usually combine kick and bass sounds into one big low-frequency block. You’d be extremely lucky to find one single sample that fulfils all of the mix roles required, so just layer multiple samples to achieve the desired effect.

What you need is a low-key, stabilizing sound for the initial transient, a short and powerful kick layer to proffer the initial foundation, and a deep 808 for tone, weight and sub energy.

A clean 808 has an intense fundamental frequency. Always set your levels first, before you move on. To give your 808 extra harmonic weight, use EQ, saturation, distortion and compression plugins. This will allow you to control the clarity and the balance of the 808.

Create something that sounds as both, a rhythmic hitter and a vigorous subsonic finish. Start being picky about your samples! Upgrade your library and download some dope samples. Try to find the best samples you can.

After gluing it all together to one single track, an EQ can be used as a high-pass filter to remove unwanted sub low-end frequencies from your overall 808 kick. Compress your track one more time and top it off with a limiter to reduce the dynamic range.

Just a short overview. Any questions? Hit Me Up! Greetings, MyxoxoBb!

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