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We are all facing an unexampled situation. It’s a worrying time for everyone right now, and we know Corona has been especially hard on musicians who were scheduled to play live shows over the next few months. For those of you earning your living through music, and facing canceled shows or other lost income, the impact of Coronavirus is especially hard-hitting.

We are trying to help creators impacted by the COVID-19 virus as long as we’re all in. Now, although you’re social distancing, you can still connect to millions of fans and get paid.

Many creators are turning to live video streaming platforms to connect with their fans. Go live to host a concert, an online-party or real-time discussions, to keep you moving forward no matter where you are in your career.

In addition to live performances, Twitch streams, for example, can open up new creative ways through interactivity with chat. Musicians on Twitch often host Q&A sessions with their fan communities or take live requests. There are many good options though. Instagram (IGTV) / Facebook, YouTube, Zoom or Join.Me, e.g..

Smartly upload and repost to engage your community. When followers see you’re posting regularly, they’ll come back to hear more and drive up your plays.

Money-wise, you can also run ads on your channel, link to music and merchandise stores, or allow fans to donate directly. Add your PayPal link to your socials, and when you share new music on your socials you can remind fans of the ways they can help support you and your music. Fans can also donate, pay you or purchase from you through Kickstarter, Bandcamp, Patreon, Venmo, GoFundMe, Cash App and more financial exchanges and online stores.

Let your fans know what they’re supporting. Whether it’s your rent for the month or the album you dropped this week. Give them a little context, and then let the world know by sharing on your socials.

Be safe, create and get creative! Thomas

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